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FansUnite is giving away $20,000 in FAN tokens leading up to our as yet unanounced token sale date.

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Value to Customers


Lowest Fees

  • Historically low 1% margins
  • Improve your longterm results

No Restrictions

  • No more profiling of players
  • No player limiting

Guaranteed Liquidity

  • Easy depositing and withdrawal functionality
  • FansUnite ensures liquidity for players

'Trustless' Resolution of Events

  • Utilizing Smart Contracts to automatically resolve events without intervention from central authority

Social Network

  • Allows sports fans to collaborate and follow other players on the platform
  • Be more profitable as a team

Transparency and Security

  • Data is immutably and transparently stored on the blockchain.
  • No single, central point of failure!

Management & Advisory Team

Darius Eghdami
CEO, FansUnite Media Inc.
Duncan McIntyre
COO, FansUnite Media Inc.
Shafin Tejani
CEO, Victory Square Technologies
Peter Smyrniotis
Gary Boddington
Chief Revenue Officer, BTL Group Ltd.
Ron Segev
Partner, Segev LLP

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